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Fakultät für Mathematik, Physik und Informatik

Lehrstuhl für Serious Games – Prof. Dr. Jörg Müller

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Combining Shape-Changing Interfaces and Spatial Augmented Reality Enables Extended Object Appearance


Creature Teacher (immersive 3D animation system)

BaseLane: An Interactive Focus + Context Laser Floor

Analyzing Visual Attention During Whole Body Interaction with Public Displays

The BoomRoom: Mid-air Direct Interaction with Virtual Sound Sources

Communiplay: A Field Study of a Public Display Mediaspace

Tracs: Transparency-control for See-trough Displays

myPosition: Sparking Civic Discourse by a Public Interactive Poll Visualization

GazeHorizon: Enabling Passers-by to Interact with Public Displays by Gaze

A Collaborative See-through Display Supporting On-demand Privacy

MirrorTouch: Combining Touch and Mid-air Gestures dor Public Displays

Cuenesics: Using Mid-Air Gestures to Select Items on Interacitve Public Displays

Screenfinity - Extending the Perception Area of Content on Very Large Public Displays

​StrikeAPose: Revealing Mid-Air Gestures on Public Displays

​Interaktives Display - Digitales Schaufenster powererd by T-Labs (Prototyp Bundesliga)

​ShoeSense CHI'12: A New Perspective on Hand Gestures and Wearable Applications

​PalmSpace: Continuous Around-Device Gestures vs. Multitouch for 3D Rotation Tasks on Mobile Devices

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